USAPL Scotland Euro Tour Entry

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Scotland welcomes the fastest growing powerlifting federation in the world USAPL!

Tested powerlifting, with doping control enforced. 

USAPL Scotland's inaugural competition is far from just a powerlifting meet,we are Round 4 of the first ever USAPL European tour - a prestigious event which is not to be missed!

Round 1 - England - Nov 2023

Round 2 - Ireland - Feb 2024

Round 3 - Netherlands - March 2024

Round 4 - Scotland - 4th May 2024

Round 5 - England - May 2024

Round 6 - Ireland - June 2024

Round 7 - Netherlands - July 2024

Grand final - Ireland December 2024


Entering the tournament gives lifters from anywhere in Europe the chance to compete at the Grand Tour Final, which will take place in Ireland. The Grand Tour Final allows competitors the chance to be crowned the inaugural USAPL European Champion - and that title comes with prestigious prizes!


The top 10 lifters of the tour (based on dots formula) male and female open will make the grand final

Top 10 equipped

Top 5 push pull

Top 5 teen

Top 5 junior 

Top 5 each masters division 

The venue will be OBS gym in Glasgow 

Unit 1 flemming Court

North avenue

Clydebank business Park

Clydebank G81 2dr